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At Sierra Animal Hospital, we believe that each pet is a member of the family, and should be treated with
the utmost personal attention. Following guidelines provided by the American Animal Hospital Association, we provide high quality medical care for our patients. We are a full service hospital offering routine care, surgery, and internal medicine.
Our clean, modern facility is designed with the most state of the art equipment available. Our medical staff offers professional, caring support and treatment for your very special friends.


Did you know that accreditation is not mandatory for veterinary practices? As an AAHA-accredited Hospital since 2014, Sierra Animal Hospital voluntarily chooses to be evaluated on approximately 900 standards of veterinary excellence.          

Every three years, our animal hospital is re-evaluated to make sure we are keeping up with industry updates. AAHA is the only organization that accredits veterinary practices in the United States and Canada. The American Animal Hospital's Association sets the standard for quality animal care.


• Wellness care: physical exams, geriatric care, and vaccinations
• Surgery: Modern surgical facility with monitoring equipment including blood pressure, and EKG.
• Dental Care: Routine prophylaxis
• Dental Radiograhy: allow evaluation of hidden pathology of tooth not visible during routine oral exam.
• Digital Radiography: lower exposure safer for pets, superior image quality, and images can be transferred to specialists for second opinions.
• Laboratory: In House Lab, CBC, Chemistry Panels, and Electrolytes
• Hospitalization: In hospital nursing and monitoring
• Pharmacy: heartworm preventatives, antibiotics, flea medications, etc.
• Bathing: medicated baths
• 3 Year Core Vaccines: prevent over vaccination, and possible unneccesary risks.

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